Historical Narratives, Answering, “I only believe what I have seen or heard!”

In an earlier Blog, using the argument “Immaterial Opposites.” I answered the question: “I only believe what I can sense with my 5 senses.” Today I’ll show the second of my three answers, “Historical Narratives”, from pages 14-15 In “ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You.”

The unbeliever begins challenging you with: “I only believe in what I can see and hear. My five senses tell me all I need to and can know. There is no supernatural; only the material world exists. Faith in something you can’t see is foolish.”

YOU say: “I know you believe in a lot of things you haven’t sensed.”

The Unbeliever responds: “NO, I don’t!”

YOU: “Do you believe George Washington was a real person? Did you ever see or hear him? NO, you didn’t, you only have the testimony of books written by other men.”

He/she responds: “Of course I believe he existed.”

YOU: “Do you believe there was a Roman Empire? Do you believe two world wars were fought in the twentieth century?” (Use as many examples as you can, just don’t use any events that happened during the person’s lifetime.)

Unbeliever: “These are historical events I know about.”

YOU: “You know about these events, but you didn’t witness them. You know through the testimony of others. You trust is in something you didn’t see or hear. Do you concede you believe history through the testimony of others?”

They will affirm. (Get a clear affirmation using more examples before you go on.)

YOU: “Then let me tell you some history. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ are the most documented events of all time. If the stories about Jesus were not true, we would know, because men and women don’t sacrifice their lives for a lie. In addition to the historical testimony, we have two-thousand-plus years of history to affirm Jesus’ saving power.

We started off with, “I only believe in what I can see or hear.” But you’ve conceded you accept the testimony of others about events you did not experience. You view of reality has been falsified. You believe in events, people and history you didn’t sense. What you believe about the world isn’t true! You have a worldview that is inconsistent, illogical, and false. You need to find real answers to your view of reality.”

NOW lead them to Christ!

It is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and time to select Christmas gifts. For your Christian friends get “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer! A Former Atheist’s Personal Evangelism Plan.” It will transform their witnessing for Christ. For your unbelieving friends get “ANSWERS for “The Hope That Is In You. Direct Simple Answers to the World’s “Hard Questions.” More than 100 questions that challenge your faith are ANSWERED!

LESSON: Even the staunchest materialist accepts many historical events that are reported by others that they do not see or hear.   Adapted from ANSWERS For “The Hope That Is In You” available at http://yourchristiananswers.com

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