Casting Gospel Seeds on Bad Soil. God Can Bring the Increase.

Can God grow Gospel seeds planted in a person who is spiritually cold? (See pages 13-30 in “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” to learn how to measure spiritual temperature). In my late twenties, I was working on my MBA at Iona College. I was an Atheist hostile to the Gospel and declared my Atheistic beliefs to anyone that would listen. I believed I was perfectly able to control all the parts of my life; after all, I had a wife who was pregnant with our son, two cars, and about to buy my first home. I was living the “American dream”. I saw no need for God or Christ.

On campus one day I met, Jack who graduated from Amityville High School with me more than ten years earlier. He was taking a three-week course and suggested having dinner before class the next week. As we ate Jack shared his life experiences since we graduated. He married his high school sweetheart, started a very successful business, owned a home, two cars, and a dog, and had two children. He painted a very attractive picture of that “American dream.” that I thought I was living. Then came the “BUT”! About five years after we graduated, a fire in his home killed his wife and both of his children. He turned to alcohol: lost his business, home, and even his dog. He became homeless and was preparing to commit suicide. At this point in his story, he paused for a moment to let me think about these events. I didn’t know what to say. My Atheism gave me no way to console him. He looked me directly in the eyes and said, “But the most important part of this story is that at my lowest point, I met Jesus Christ, and that changed everything in my life. I was so proud and self-sufficient he had to bring me ‘down with the pigs’ before I could come to him.” Dinner was over and we went to school. I would put his testimony aside but could not forget it. It made a strong impression. The memory of what Jack said would come back into my mind in the last moments before I came to Christ fifteen years later, when I was “down with the pigs”.

My lesson is this: Jack was faithful even when he knew I was dead and cold. From our conversation and my behavior in my years of high school, he certainly realized I was Atheistic, yet he planted the Gospel seed anyway. He died about ten years later of cancer; never knowing that the seed he planted would bear fruit in Charlie. Jack was faithful to Christ, casting the seed on infertile ground from which it apparently would not grow. You never know what God will do, so you always sow and then pray God will bring forth fruit. Remember Saul became Paul; a murderer and hater of Christ’s church became the greatest apostle. Remember King David! Sow Gospel seeds!

Adapted from: “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!”

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